Membership access to multiple blogs

I want to make sure I'm not missing something, but is there a way to grant user access across blogs automatically?

If I have and and want to allow premium members access to protected content on both, right now I don't see a way to set that up other than allowing members to sign up on blog1, then manually adding them to blog2. Is this correct?

  • Mason
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    I'll ask Barry to confirm, but if you want to run membership across the entire network, it may be better to install it in the mu-plugins directory. Installing it and then network activating it gives separate controls site-by-site.

    Again, I'll ask Barry to confirm and see if this can work the way you're looking for here.


  • DavidM
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    Hi ymousley,

    I think you'll find the latest Membership update provides a slew of useful new features besides just the user roles integration. The details are at the following.

    Also, for site-wide control, you may want to adjust the global table option in the membership-config.php file as it would allow the settings to persist from site to site. Network activation works, though this provides another option for site-wide use.

    And as a final note, to automatically grant users a role across all your sites, you might consider using the Multisite User Management plugin. Works a charm! :slight_smile:

  • ymousley
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    hi David,
    I saw the additional features in the Membership update. Thank you! That was a really quick response to all of my request posts for the front end user account feature. I'm really excited by that.

    The multisite user plugin looks like it might do exactly what I need also.

    I'll be taking a break for the next month to really dig into everything before making more feature requests, but I look forward to coming back. I appreciate the support here and how quickly the dev team seems to respond to requests.

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