Membership across multisite with buddypress


I am currently trying to build a multisite network and need to achieve the following:

Root Site – Landing Page

Sub-directory – woocommerce shop

Sub-directory – something else at later date

Sub-directory – something else at later date

I would like to use membership to manage subscriptions for the site as there will be paid and free membership plans eventually. There has to be custom fields so I am using buddypress too. I planned on using themekrafts woocommerce plugin to integrate the WC account features into the main account settings.

My problem is I am unable to manage content restrictions for anything outside of the root site and that buddypress account features are only accessable on the root site. I can link to the root site for account features from the sub sites but this won’t link with woocommerce?

I think I am missing a link here. If you need any more information then ask.