Membership Add Gateways

No matter what I do. The payment gateway is always listed as "None (admin)>", even though only Stripe is active as a payment gateway.

Steps used to create add the users:

1. Create a new WordPress user. 2. Go to Membership2. 3. Add user. 4. Choose the option for an existing WP user. 5. Select the user. 6. Select the Membership. It adds them and adds the membership, but with the incorrect gateway.


Go to Membership2. 2. Add Member. 3. Fill out all the options for a new WordPress user. 4. Button to create them is not active to be clicked.


Take an existing Membership2 user. Select the option to "drop membership." Then, try to add a membership for that user. It adds it, but again, with the wrong payment gateway

This used to work before, I have also had members who had subscriptions that expired in May and the plugin "renewed" them without any payment gateway.