Membership Admin Navigation is not clickable

I just installed and activated the Membership plugin, have a encountered a fundamental bug that prevents me from moving forward. I have screenshots I will gladly provide to illustrate.

In the WP Admin Dashboard, if I go to Membership - All Users, I can only see the first page of my users. I have 650+ users, but the arrows to navigate to the next page are not clickable.

If, however I go to the WP Users area and select All Users, I am presented with my list of 650+ users. I can happily click from page to page, and find the user(s) I need.

I need to mass edit all my users for Membership on my site. Not being able to click past the first screen does not allow this.

I have tried signing in on different browsers and on a PC and a Mac. The same "non-clickable" behavior is on every combination I have tried. I can click on anything else on any other plugin and it navigates fine.

I can even navigate around within other parts of the Membership plugin. Just not my user list, which of course, is the action I need to do right now.

For now, I must deactivate Membership until I get a response and this bug gets fixed. Thanks!