Membership + Affiliates correct setup

I am trying to set this up and it seems imposible to do, so maybe I am doing something wrong and thats why I ask here.

I have a site with 700 users and I need 4 levels of users.
1- Visitor (free)
2- Registered user (free)
3- Registered user Pro (paid)
4- Company (paid)

That is simple, I want those 4 levels and for now all levels see everything (of course visitors can't post).

How to setup that ?
How to apply the "Registered user (free)" to all the users.

How to setup the page for new registrations and show the options ?
How to setup the options so actual users can upgrade their accounts ?

It seems this needs another plugin or it will never work. This should be a big notice in the plugin download page.

I have Membership installed, so it seems it can work, right ?

I want that all users have an affiliate link to refer new users with their link and earn points.

How is this accomplished ?
- I need to add something to profiles ?
- I need to create pages ?
- I need to ...... ?

I don't see a single option in my profile about affiliates, maybe because I have no subscription plans, or levels.

Can someone please explain a bit how this is supposed to work ?

Please don't post the link to the usage thing, that does not help at all.