Membership and Affiliate plugins problem

I have a new install wp 3.0.4 with bp 1.2.7 (not multisite)

I have installed the membership and affiliate plugins to the following locations:


both install and activate with no problems. Both show up in my dashboard menus.

However the affiliate options do not show up in the membership subscription options when creating a new membership subscription.

The only way I have previously been able to make this work is by putting files for both plugins directly into mu-plugins. i.e there would be nor specific holding folder for each plugin. With the latest set-up and the instructions for installing the affiliate plugn this does not seem possible.

Can you tell me what the issue might be? It seems odd that both install but do not hook up together. Also, please note that the membership.php is in place in the affiliate/plugins folder.

Has anyone else got it working with this config.