Membership and Domain Mapping Conflict

Hi there.

Looking for some help, I'm currently working on transferring a Masonic website that was stand alone to a sub of a Multi-site setup as I am working on doing a Masonic Web Community.

Everything has been going great so far, I have your Membership plugin activated network wide as each site will have 3 levels of access for members, and each site owner has to register their own members, this is due to it being a private club membership for each site.

I had setup Membership on one of the sub with no trouble, just setting the Access Levels, and adding them to each member. Not using subscriptions as the members have no need to pay at the moment, though maybe added later if the clubs want to collect their subs this way. Also due to the fact that they register members, there is no registration page, etc. Mainly use Membership to restrict access to Members only content.

However, I decided it would be nice if each Lodge could map their own domains so I added you Domain Mapping plugin, which works fine in respect of the domain forwarding but soon as it does membership starts to block all content and redirects to 'No Access Allowed' page. Soon as you remove the domain in setting and revert back to being everything reverts back to working ok. I have even tried the domain mapping plugin on WordPress repos but get the same, thats the one currently installed, but id prefer to use yours as Im planning on adding Supporter in due course, and want this as a premium.

Works on -
Doesnt when mapped -

Plugins Active on this sub site:

Ajax Event Calendar
Google Maps
NextGen Gallery
PluginBuddy Mobile
Profile Builder Pro
Side Bar Login
iThemes - Builder Theme

Any help would be appreciated.