Membership and Facebook Ultimate

I installed Facebook Ultimate and was receiving errors when attempting to register/log in which said
"Unable to load the registration form for Lecture Exchange. You may have previously blocked this app on Facebook. Go to your Facebook privacy settings to unblock this app. (Error: Missing 'redirect_uri' query parameter.)

when i updated membership the facebook login started working but every page except "Register" and "Account" return the message
"Fatal error: call to undefined function mb_stripos() in ...membershipincludesincludesfunctions/php on line 1082"

This message was not encountered when viewing the site in admin view (but did generate the same error on every page expect Register and Account when not signed in to wordpress or when viewing the site as the access level set for "Stranger Settings"

I deselected "Registration page" and "Account page" on the Membership Pages tab of the Membership Options, and created a new membership level. viewing the site in this new access level (which i set to the default for non-registered visitors to the site) eliminated the occurrence of the fatal error message BUT the facebook login in error now occurs AND on the registration page showing the error, all of the names of all of the protected pages of my site are shown in the main navigation bar.

My php version is 5.4.21 using Zend Engine v2.4.0. Multibyte support is not enabled.
Before installing Facebook Ultimate and updating Membership Premium, Membership Premium and the site generally were functioning properly.

  • joshua

    The error was also not encountered when using another access level created before the update. The only distinguishing feature i can find between the two user levels is that the non-function user level (generating the fatal error message) had a negative rule for URL groups. All of the functional access levels have only a negative rule for pages but the access level that generated the fatal error had a negative rule for URL groups.

    Hope this helps.

  • PC

    Hey there Joshua,

    Greetings and thanks for your post.

    Can you kindly check for a conflict by disabling all other plugins but Membership and Ultimate Facebook and see if the error disappears ?

    Also use the default WordPress theme (2013) while testing for a conflict.

    If that works fine, then one by one activate the plugins and see which one causes the error to come back.

    Please advise how it goes.

    Cheers, PC

  • joshua

    Here is a list of the plugins running concurrently whilst the errors were generated:

    Add From Server
    Background Manager
    Big Blue Button
    Ecwid Shopping Cart
    Membership Premium
    WPMU Dev Dashboard

    Theme: BuddyCorporate

    You may have time to test that out. If you haven't by Thursday then I'll download the plugins to another site and test it out for the sake of community knowledge on the matter.

    For now we have replaced Facebook Ultimate with a less feature rich fb login integration and elected to use the theme's social settings to provide the fb like buttons.

    Your membership app is pretty great and the BuddyCorporate theme looks good even with a bare bones implementation like If you can get Facebook Ultimate running with our humble set up I think the features would do a lot for community building amongst our students. Hope to hear from you soon

  • PC

    Hey there Joshua,

    Thanks for your email and sorry for the delay in response.

    At the moment Membership and Ultimate Facebook don't integrate for registration purpose.

    Its good to hear that you got the site working with a different plugin but we certainly have plans to make Membership and Ultimate Facebook integrate.

    Regarding the original issue reported in this thread, previously when I faced this issue, it was an issue with a missing file in the theme. (template issue)

    So I am unable to replicate the error at the moment. Did you manage to create a test site and see if you were able to replicate it ?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, PC

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