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We are running the BETA site and upgraded to M2 and it looks like it BLEW OUT ALL of the Membership data. This is not terrible as we still have the live site going. However, I need to EXPORT all of the members from the old M1 database. How do we do that?

Also, we want to import an entirely new list into M2. Need to sync the member name and data and expiration etc to the new database.

Lastly, is there no option to manually enter a member on the backend?? We have cases where a member will ONLY pay with a admin needs to create them an account with the correct membership expiration.

Please advise.

Doug Sooley

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @caldiatech,

    Hope you're well?

    It might not have lost your m1 data, it's possible the import didn't go properly.

    However, you might still be able to get that back.

    Is this beta site online or local?

    if it's online, Could you grant support access from the dashboard plugin so we can take a closer look? See

    With regards to import/export on M2.

    Dashboard > membership > settings > import tool

    If you export your existing membership, it will export as a .json file

    This will give you an idea of how to configure your file to import back.

    Once you have the exported .json, you can convert it to CSV format using a tool such as;

    So now you have it as a CSV, you can get to work on creating your CSV import.

    When you're ready to import. you need to convert the CSV back to json.

    So for that, you can use;

    Hope this helps

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    Apologies for the delay.

    Can you check now? it looks like you never ran the import script when you updated to M2.

    Dashboard > settings > import tool.

    I ran an import and it worked perfectly fine. Except I didn't want to replace your existing, so you now have your old m1 plans as well as your new ones in m2.

    You can actually either manually remove the new ones, or alternatively, re-run the import script, but this time, check the box for replace current content.

    This will then remove your current M2 memberships/members on the new site and replace them with the ones from the original M1 plugin (might make it easier for you)

    Hope this helps

  • caldiatech
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Right now i have created one json file and import data ,It will work well.
    But my query is :
    1.Suppose i will add new member in uploaded json file,then how new member know his login password?

    Lets assume that Member with email Id is not register with my site.
    Now I ad this member detail in imported json file with detail like

                "id": 10112,
                "email": "",
                "username": "abc",
                "payment": {
                    "stripe_card_exp": "false",
                    "stripe_card_num": "false",
                    "stripe_customer": "false",
                    "authorize_card_exp": "false",
                    "authorize_card_num": "false",
                    "authorize_cim_profile": "false",
                    "authorize_cim_payment_profile": "false"
                "subscriptions": [{
                        "id": 10113,
                        "membership": 10001,
                        "status": "active",
                        "gateway": "admin",
                        "start": "2015-11-05",
                        "end": "2017-08-20",
                        "trial_finished": "1",
                        "invoices": [{
                                "id": 10114,
                                "invoice_number": "1",
                                "external_id": "",
                                "gateway": "admin",
                                "status": "new",
                                "coupon": "",
                                "currency": "USD",
                                "amount": "80",
                                "discount": "0",
                                "discount2": "0",
                                "total": 80,
                                "for_trial": false,
                                "due": "2017-08-20",
                                "notes": ""

    Then how he came to know his login password?

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hi there

    There is no way the user can know his password. Either you have to change his password and give it to him, or he needs to reset his password. As his email is correct, so he should be able to reset his password :slight_smile:
    Have an awesome day!


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