Membership and its application for our purpose(relating to Database usage)

We have batch create and are looking into both membership plug in and blog create...
This is a multi-site..
I want to accomplish the following.We have 2 themes that need to work together at the data base level..
One theme is a video tube site which houses 1000+ videos with imbed codes, from youtube ,vimeo etc..Corresponding thumbnails,tags and descriptions..
A second theme we built needs to simultaneously be able to access video/data from the tubesite (when liked)into user/members individual cms...
Our tube site allows our users to create a liked page .We want that info accessable to the 2nd site..
question one is does membership allow for a way to have our users ;logged into 2 themes at once . Or lets explore an alternative solution.. Obviously there are many way to solve getting data from one site to the other.. Just want to understand the possible tools membership may add to that mix.

  • rpeterson
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    You can't have multiple themes activated for a site at a time really. The best solution for this would more than likely to merge the two themes by hand and have one master theme for this.

    If you want to access a sites data from another site. I find using the JSON-API plugin to build a custom api that only can be accessed by your internal code can help bridge together instances like this where you need to access things cross site.

    Let me know if you have any questions about the particulars.

  • 100X
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    Thanks .. good suggestions..

    We do plan to build an api as well in V2,, Might have to do it now (LOL)
    What do you think about accessing the Dat or Bat files inside of the Library.Make the connection there..

    Or using a cookie to facilitate a paralel Login ..

  • rpeterson
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    It depends on the flow of what tasks you are looking to do. I have added tabs to the Media Library for users Evernote and Google Drives before, and have found it a good system for extending things that way.

    As for a cookie, I find this to be insecure. What I have done is build a autologin.php script that creates nonce requests from other sites when needed and then posts the nonce to skip checking credentials and just lookup the user and log them in. But this is done where we have a clear map between accounts.

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    I will organize a way to address the what tasks shortly..

    What about the WPMU plug in syncronization...Does it ineffect allow 1 theme to access and retrieve d/b info from 2nd theme its master theme.. Secondly can it be set to do it automatically each time a new subpage is created...?

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    Thanks.. To be more specific..
    I need users and or /admins to be able to log in to site one..And from their CMS be able to visit site 2 also in a logged in status..Once on site 2, be able to access their liked videos(which theyhave designated on site 2) and be able to import the imbed code,thumbnails,title at minimum descriptions if possible into a spot in the cms for the thumbnails..
    The 1rst key incredient is just to be able to be loggined in to 2 sites at once.How this is done is only important ,as to being stable..
    The second key element is that the Video Imbed and data are available by bringing the asset of a liked page on site 2 over to site 1 in an automated way..
    V2 likely will go with a more elegant solution probably the API route but for near term want to go with the best available(Stability is key) solution that does not require re-inventing the wheel...
    Plan on using membership,and multi-site ..
    BTW what time zone/country are you in ? we are in the US

  • rpeterson
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    100X, I am on EST in the US.

    As long as the users belong to both sites, they won't have to re-login. The main issue it sounds like you will run into is making sure that you have a easy UX for the task your users are trying to accomplish.

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    I went to your profile ..Was unable to follow to any of your sociallinks ...can you send me an email address or skype..Let continue discussionWe will have a lot of freelance stuff comming up...BTW to whom it may concern..I am a newbie so I assume ,I am following site protocal..?

  • Tom Eagles
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    Hiya, just going through some of the older threads here.

    As it's been a little while since we last heard from you I thought I'd check in to see how you're going?

    If you're still looking for some further assistance with this thread then please feel free to reopen the thread or of course for any new and related issues you are most welcome to open a new thread.


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