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I finally have membership installed and outside of the TOS issue, I new user is registered but how do I get them a site.

The primary focus is the site, with membership secondary. The couple of test new members are only registered (as subscribers) as I want on the main site - but they do not get a site (form not presented now at registration with membership). Since I had disabled the standard wordpress registration for both registration and site per membership instructions; the new user does not even have an option to add a site within the admin dashboard. We do not want the users to have to go to dashboard - I'm just mentioning as an FYI. Can a short code for the gimme a site be added to the new registration page? If not, what is the best way we can provide them a site at sign-up?

  • DavidM
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    Hi antKat,

    Membership itself doesn't currently provide for a blog creation option in the registration process. It would take a bit of custom coding to get that done.

    The only way I'm aware of to provide for the blog creation option at this point is to direct users to wp-signup.php after they've registered.

    I'll ask a couple folks over here if they've got any ideas as to how to better customize that process though.


  • Mason
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    I haven't tested this, but if you set up a rule for the level to have 'Blog Creation' privileges from the admin menu, then when they log into their account, they'll have a sub-menu under Dashboard called 'my sites'.

    From here, they can create a new site up to the number of times you dictated when adding the rule.

    You could always provide a link in one of your welcome emails so they can directly create the site and get started - this would be the link that David discussed above.

    Hope this helps!


  • antKat
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    We want to provide spoon-fed pre-configured sites. Why can't we just put a couple of links on the second page (completion) of Registration with 2 options
    1. sign in
    2. Start your site (with link to sign-up)

    I don't know why this seems complicated. Maybe because this just wasn't done for multi-site to complete the process, we assume there must be some complication. I do think that you should package the multisite separately with more specific instructions. There are many issues that are different for the multi-site that even the language of the instructions could help clarify.

    Also, was there a reason they took out the email validation with Membership? I suppose those immediately upgrading a membership would get validation, but in our case, the majority will probably take the free basic subscription. Doesn't the email validation help with the splog?

  • Mason
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    Why can't we just put a couple of links on the second page (completion) of Registration with 2 options
    1. sign in
    2. Start your site (with link to sign-up)

    You can do this, but you'll have to edit the plugin in order to get exactly what you want here.

    Take a look at membership/membershipincludes/includes/subscription.form.php and membership/membershipincludes/includes/member.form.php

    You can add your own custom links by hooking into these lines:

    do_action( 'membership_subscription_form_after_paid_subscriptions', $user_id );
    do_action( 'membership_subscription_form_after_subscriptions', $user_id );

    There are infinite scenarios for the membership plugin. Honestly, it's been out less than a year - I'd still consider it a new plugin - so I agree there's room for improvement with documentation and even new features/enhancements. Hopefully the above helps ya get what you need in this particular case.


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