Membership and Multisite


Membership is Network activated. Still I only see users of the main site (blog ID=1) as members, no other users on the network.

When I restrict a menu (drag it to the Negative rules of the basic, default user level) there is no effect on other sites in the network. Site admins still have access to the menus.

My question is, how should Membership be configured for Multisite? I need it to work network-wide, with the Superadmin controlling access for site admins and all other users.

Network Only Settings in the Constants section of the instructions say that this should be added to wp-config.php:
The help text is confusing. Is this what I'm looking for? I.e. will it solve the problems I described.


  • Vaughan

    Hi @Anders

    yes, that define would make the membership global as you describe.

    but there are a few caveats, you may want to be aware of.

    you can only protect pages/posts on the main site. You can do other sites but have to use URL groups
    You can also protect categories providing all sites use the same category name.

    the upcoming version of membership will allow you to protect posts/pages when they're created, so hopefully that gets rid of the 1st caveat above.

    hope this helps.


  • Anders

    Hi Vaughan,

    Thanks for your reply.

    This plugin is a major disappointment so far. When the information page says, "Membership was built with WP Multisite in mind", my reaction is negative. In fact, multisite is an afterthought at best. Everything about this plugin says single installation.

    When I swith the define to true, it breaks my site. 500 Server error. So I have no way to even test if it works.

    Even if it did, I have no interest in protecting posts and pages. I'm supposed to be able to restrict access to menus, which is what I need. So if a single site with multiple users can do it but I can't, then it's not made with MS in mind, rather the opposite.

  • Alex

    Hi @Vaughan,
    When is this update coming that you are referring to?

    I am using the Membership as global across all sites. Its working for my site, but I can't specify pages on sub-sites yet. It does not allow a visitor to see any pages other than the homepage on sub-sites.

    I tried the URL-groups, but they only allow me to prevent access to groups of pages. I would like to use it to allow access to pages on sub-sites

    In my case, I would like to control the allowing and preventing access to different pages on the main site and sub-sites.


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