Membership and Multisite adding site creation to signup page


I’ve searched around and found a few posts that get me close. The closest was the following.

When a person uses the standard registration page for wp, it gives an option for the user to get a new site. Under the membership registration page, this option is not there.

I want to place it there so that it works as does on the regular wp registration page. I’ve tried a few things as suggested in the above post but it’s not working for me. I’m not sure missing code, doing wrong thing and after spending a lot time searching. I hope someone can provide a little more info for me to go on.

Other info, I have new blog templates installed as well. It’s being used to provide new users with a “cookie cutter” page. Meaning, they will all have the same content, same style and same information for each of their respective sites. They will have no control over content, only able to view some stats info.