membership and network wide nav

thanks very much for the reply, i really appreciate this, I have started a mutlinetwork for all the underground musicians who are the real deal and creating not only a network with us all but have all the history on rock.metal bands in Aus from members like Angry Anderson from Rose Tattoo to The Sceaming jets, right though to Mortal Sin and AC/DC, facebook meets but the actual members are in all these blogs...and now im going to put it live with the realease of my new album with has 33 rock legends as stated b4, Cut a REALLY long story short, I have simlpified how to use wp so the guys wont be dounted by creating the whole lot, instead i set the up through WHMCS and sub domains which is real cool cause the artist profile is like and rok-art.the so the tail is something pure to the music...and i want to get the white list vids to help the ol' guys who either dont really understand the tech or would rather be on i have created a seperate site riffmaster.the-riff.ney for the 'hall of famers' and the master site has 1500 Australian rock/metal bios etc.

and are you orking on a network wide navmenu so all the sites are connected not on one site but on there own connected to the master..

Im putting it live next week if all goees well, when the a;lbum comes out and all this will surpise ppl