Membership and Paypal chained payments

If this is a stupid question let me know. I can’t even find any documentation yet on this plugin besides the install and setup page on this site. I be more that happy to RTFM if someone can get me a link to it.

I want to use Membership with chained paypal payments. So when one of my users sites gets subscribed to, I get a percentage of the subscription going forward. Possible? So far, I can only find references to chained payments in the MarketPress plugin, but Membership seems to be more what I am after.


  • DavidM
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    Hi highfive,

    There’s not a chained payments option provided with Membership as it stands but we’ll be happy to take a look at the idea if you wanna create a request in the Feature Suggestion thread.

    Apart from a request, if you feel comfortable with coding, you could take a look at the chained payments gateway in the MarketPress folder, perhaps copying it over to the Membership folder for customization.

    I’m wondering though, would our Affiliate plugin suffice for your purpose?



  • highfive
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    Thanks David, that confirmed what I thought. I just didn’t want to waste time looking for what wasn’t there.

    Conceptually, I think Membership is what I want, but it sounds like Affiliate works along side it well. It just seems a little inside out from a typical affiliate program as I want to take a 2% cut off the top and have the rest go to them rather than give them a cut. However, I suppose that if the percentages are configurable, which I’m sure they are, then this could work like I want.

    This from the Affliate/Membership integration plugin sounds similar to what I want:

    This affiliate plugin add-on allows you to set the credit payments an affiliate will receive when a user signs up to a subscription using the membership plugin.

    I’ll take a look. Thanks!

  • highfive
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    I don’t think the Affiliate plugin is going to work out. I need a fully automated setup, so that when a Membership member subscribes to a certain Membership level, a reoccurring Paypal payment is setup that will payout as a chained payment to two parties. The two parties would be me as the owner of the network and the individual creator of the specific site that was subscribed to (a Supporter perhaps?).

    The Affliliate program payout appears to be a manual process.

    Right now I think my best bet will be MarketPress chained payments adapted into Membership. I don’t think I understand either plugin well enough yet to make a coherent Feature Suggestion. So, I’ll need to do some more research first.

    Any feedback on the approach that I’ve been directed to take as outlined above? Are the subscription payment in Membership actual reoccurring subscriptions? Is it that much more difficult to make them chained? I just want to make sure this a reasonable approach and not something that has been avoided already for specific reasons before I role up my sleeves and start digging into the code.


  • Philip John
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    Sorry you haven’t had a reply here for a while.

    Using MarketPress with chained payments to achieve an affiliate scheme within Membership won’t work I’m afraid. MP is an e-commerce system and as such does not hook into the subscriptions created by Membership.

    You would end up charging people twice just to facilitate your affiliate scheme.

    The Affiliate plugin does require some attention and we hope to make some improvements soon although I’m afraid it’s not high priority at the moment.

    That said, combining chained payments with Affiliate wouldn’t be a huge job for a developer, if you know a friendly one.


  • sharonmiranda
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    I am enlivening this topic as it would be very valuable if the membership subscriptions were able to be shared with the parent sites via chained paypal payments. Is there any chance this could be added to development? Would you give a bit of upfront development information in case I need to have this programmed?

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