Membership and Paypal Pro reoccuring payments

What's the current status of subscriptions using Paypal Pro in membership so that an account doesn't have to be created? There are a couple of 'resolved' threads with a whole lot of interest saying it's coming but I'm not seeing it in the plugin:

I do see a couple of gateway files in the code that look like they've at least been started on:


I'm currently faced with ripping Membership out of a fairly complex integration because of dissatisfied clients. I'd much rather try to continue using Membership and get Paypal Pro working.

How close are some of these options to be available? Is there something started in those files that is worth looking into?


  • DavidM

    Hi highfive,

    As a general rule we don't give ETAs here, as the goal really is to release plugins without any bugs and ETAs tend to make that tough. I'll ask the developers how this is coming along though.

    Regarding the resolution of those past threads, they should have actually been moved to the Feature Suggestion forum, where there's no 'resolved' status, but there is special priority placed on the threads in that forum.

    And I believe those existing files in the Membership folder currently, are the meager beginnings. You're of course, more than welcomed to use them to build from. We'll check with the developers on progress though as I mentioned.


  • highfive

    Thanks for the quick reply. If we are at the ETA stage, then I probably have to start ripping things out anyway. Especially, if those other beginnings are just 'meager'.

    Does the gateway have all the same functionality for subscription payments? What would be the best gateway option available to sign up subscriptions by credit card without have to create some kind of account like at Paypal?

  • highfive

    Hey JB,

    Short answer, we had to go a route that did not use Membership. We set up Paypal Pro and Recurring Billing and used a different plugin that already supported it. It uses a somewhat different approach, but in the end the functionality was better. It only created users after a successful subscription sign up, which I liked. Membership can leave you with users created with no subscription and no premium access. We didn't like that clutter.

    S ince I am not sure if I can tell
    2 you the name of the other
    M embership plugin we used. I'll refrain from
    E ver
    M entioning it here,
    B ecause I don't wanna get into
    E normous trouble and get my account
    R estricted.

    Although this is where i heard about it, actually. I'm such a dork, I love it.

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