Membership and Pro Sites - compatible (don't need integration)

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I read in an older post about Membership NOT being compatible on the main site with Pro Sites

All I would like to do is offer Pro Sites for websites and Membership for membership access to stuff, working on the same primary site. don't need any kind of integration - just don't want conflicts with users etc


If Pro Sites is running on the main site, should Membership be installed on a subsite?

with both plugins working are there any issues to be aware of regarding user roles? and/or Paypal ?


  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hey there @tripvendor

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    You should no problem at all if you're not looking for any kind of direct integration.

    With Membership, you create access levels for your subscription plans that grant or restrict access to content on your main site. This can also include limits on the number of sub-sites your users can create.

    However, once they have created their own sub-sites, that's when Pro Sites comes into play. Not before.

    With Pro Sites, you can create as many premium upgrade levels as you like, each with different features. When a user wants to upgrade a sub-site to a premium package, they are directed to a Pro Sites page on your main site to pay for their upgrade. It may be a good idea to not restrict access to that page in Membership though. :slight_smile:

  • tripvendor
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi -

    Thanks for the prompt reply and answer.

    it helps to have a gameplan before testing setup, so quick clarification:

    I could have a membership that allows creating 3 sites -

    then setup Pro Sites with Pay to Blog...

    then the member would need to pick the upgrade level for each individual site, and they could be different site package levels... ?


  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    Just out of interest, why would you want them to create 3 sites if they couldn't use them without paying first (Pay to Blog). And if they're paying why would you want to limit them to just 3 when they could spend more?

    Just interested :slight_smile:

    The plugins although offer no integration should work fine alongside each other as you need there.

    Each site would have it's own Pro Site level as usual.

    Take care.

  • tripvendor
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi - good questions

    I really didn't have a use case thought out I was just running with the idea of using membership to set levels of the number of sites - and then making sure each site would be different

    I don't want any free sites - but I certainly don't want to limit the number of sites someone can order either - so yes, you bring up good point, I don't really need membership to deal with the number of sites if I'm not offering free sites...

    so many options, and so little time to figure it all out... (few brain cells too)

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