Membership and Scheduled Selected Content to show new content every 7 days

I have a site with multiple levels of membership (all paid, no free content).

What I would *like* to have happen is, when someone joins, they fill out the registration form and I (manually) assign them into one of 6 groups. Each group gets new content each week.

I need to know if there's a way to set it so this happens automatically, regardless of when someone joins...and when they get the NEW content...the old stuff disappears.

All content is cycled every 6 months.

So, for example, someone joins and are given access to some basic information until I manually assign them into group A, where they will see content specific to their group.

7 days after the assignment, they should see new content.

7 days after that, they should see NEWER content, and the content from the week before disappears. After 6 months of this happening each week, they automatically start back with their first 7 days of content.

And, during the entire time they're a member, never see any of the other groups or know that they exist.

Given the size of the website, I obviously can't do this manually (especially since people are not joining the site on the same day of the week).

WishList Member did this perfectly, but the amount of "sequential upgrades" needed in order to perform this was too much for my server. I'm hoping that the Membership and Scheduled Select Content options will help facilitate this...

Thank you in advance!