Membership and Slider, Categories

I have three problems with membership allowing logged in members to see things:

1. I am using Elegant Theme’s Lucid template, which has a built in slider on the homepage. It pulls all of the posts from one category. Once a member is logged in, they see completely different posts pulled in on the home page.

2. Also on the homepage, I have two boxes that display the recent posts from different categories. Once a user is logged in, instead of seeing one column of Category A and one column of Category B, they see two identical columns of Category A.

3. I have posts set up using the List category posts plugin, to just show a simple bulleted list of all posts in a category. Once a user is logged in, this post is completely blank and the sidebars are gone.

You can see the site at If you need to login, let me know where to send the details.