Membership and Supporter Recurring payments.


I've been reviewing the Pro Sites (Supporter) thread and I need to better understand where Supporter and Membership are heading regarding fee processing so that I can get positioned to be ready. What Gateways will be common to both plugins or better yet to all wpmudev plugins?

1. For Pro Sites (Supporter) it seems PayPal Pro with some version of PayFow (Link Or Pro) will be required for the use of PayPal. Single payments are a thing of the past? PayFlow Pro and PayFlow Link are two different gateways, which one will be supported? If PayPal Pro with PayFlow is the entry fee for the use of PayPal then my guesstimate is about $100/month, $50-$100/year for SSL(much more with VeriSign), $30/mo for PayPal Pro, PayPal Flow LInk $180 setup and $20/Mo and PayFlow Pro $250 setup and $60/mo.

2. Will there be an alternative to the use of PayPal?

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    Yes, that helps to give me a place to work from. To have affordable recurring billing is my goal.

    Pro Sites:
    How would Manual Payments work? I presume you mean manual invoicing.
    PayPal Express has the unfriendly requirement for the user to have a Paypal Account.
    PayPal Pro/SSL/PayFlow carries with it a heafty monthly fee(@$60-100/month for the first year). I'm sure this is a welcome addition for large sites, but does not work for me.

    Membership: I don't like the way it works.
    2checkout seems OK to use for recurring billing on smaller sites because it has no monthlly fee with a higher transaction fee.
    Single Payment would work, but my goal is to have recurring billing.

    PayPal Single Payment was not a great option, but it with the direction Supporter has taken it will no longer work for me. :slight_frown:

    IMHO, you should add 2Checkout to Supporter SIte Pro b4 it goes production.

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    So PayPal Pro(30/mo)+PayFlow Link($20/mo)+SSL$100/yr) would be about $700/year or some 138 $100 2Connect transactions. Using (100*.029+.30)t+700 = (100*.055+.45)t + 50 the breakeven point is 265 $100 transactions, i.e $26,500. Add in the $180 PayFlow Link setup and it comes to 359 $100 transactions or $35,900 for the first Year.

    PayFlow Pro is $60/month bringing the cost up to 1180/year +250 start up for a breakeven point of some 563 $100 tranasction or $56,300 for the first year.

    I'm not sure if PayFlow is needed for recurring charges, but it seems that way.

    I never considered using 2Connect, but now I'm thinking about it sans Supporter :slight_frown:


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    How would Manual Payments work? I presume you mean manual invoicing.

    This simply allows you to send instructions to the buyer on how to pay you, rather than taking payment online. That might mean providing bank details, for example or an address to send a cheque.

    PayPal doesn't require buyers to have an account - it's just that PayPal makes it less obvious than it could be that you can purchase without an account.

    We have recently done a small-scale survey on what gateways folks are interested in. Your suggestions would definitely be welcome at this time in the feature requests forum:


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    I would like the manual payment to allow me to use a Contact Form-7 [tag] for both Membership and Pro Sites.

    I was wrong, PayPal doesn't actually require a PayPal account.

    I'm still looking into 2Checkout with its complicated policy statement and large user manual. Certainly, the fact that it holds a reserve is not very nice.

    On the other hand, I like the setup for PayPal Express in Pro Sites and wish it was the same in same for Membership. I'm going to try addin Pro Sites payment to my signup form along with Membership just to see what happens.


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    I did get some answers from 2CO to my questions, but I'm not sure I would go with them unless the gateway was available for consistency with both Membership and Pro Sites.

    They have extensive documentation with over 200 pages in user guides plus policies to protect 2CO. I need to go back to find policies that protect buyers and sellers. I have only scratched the surface of their documentation.

    Please explain the Reserve policy and how I can determine the amount 2CO will reserve.

    The reserve fund is started when we send your first payment. All 2CO accounts start with 5% rolling reserve. The funds are held for ninety (90) days from your payment date. The entirety of your reserve will release into your general fund and will not be included in the next payment's reserve withholding. Under rare circumstance, 2CO may alter the reserve withholding rate if activities on the account warrant customized reserve functionality. The vast majority of 2CO accounts remain at 5% reserve.

    Please explain the penalties for contested billings and refunds. There is a pretty high charge rate for penalties that increases with frequency.

    2Checkout does pass the expense of chargeback penalties to our sellers for service related disputes. Remember that disputes are not the same thing as refunds. Disputes are initiated by the buyer's bank. If your disputed charge rate for complaints about service breaches the threshold tolerance of 1% then 2CO Loss Prevention will review your website and your account to determine viable strategies for reducing the instance of chargebacks.

    Does 2CO provide any liability for transactions for customers and sellers? I interpret this to mean, NO:

    Your buyers' credit card information is handled with the highest level of security for the online payments industry. is rated with PCI Level I security.

    The have a list of banned types of websites, but also some that are restricted. One of these restrictions is for websites that deal with licensed services. They seem to subject these to closer review. Since my site does not provide services that require a license, but provides servers for those with licenses to practice, I figured my site could be restricted.

    While we are not able to officially approve any site or service prior to underwriting, the restriction that you mention would apply if you were selling (licensed) services with your 2CO account. Sales of memberships for an online community of licensed professionals would not be included in the 'licensed services' restriction, even if your members must all be professionally licensed to join.


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