Membership auto-enrollment

I have read the ticket regarding automatically enrolling into a membership after registration. This is the sample: .
If I replace and subscription=1 with my domain and membership "3329" where the "1" is, I get a blank page. Is there something else I need to add or change?

  • Patrick

    Hi there I CAN Apply

    First, please update your install of Membership2 to the latest version ( as the one you are using now is a year out of date.

    As to your question, from which thread did you get that information? The correct URL for a user to register to a specific membership plan can be found by first inserting the Membership2 ms-membership-buy shortcode on a page, then clicking that shortcode to view the result.

    For example, the following shortcode will create a link or button on your site to register users to your membership #3329:

    [ms-membership-buy id="3329"]

    You'll see that the correct URL generated is like so:

  • I CAN Apply

    Hi Patrick,
    I used that URl and was able to add a membership. I will try adding that to my user registration on Gravityforms confirmation. This same user has a membership that has expired. When I try to renew as the user I get an error "Sorry, your signup request has failed. Try again." I have updated the plugin but still have the issue. I have several memberships expiring right now and I don't want to have to update them all as admin.

  • I CAN Apply

    I have the memberships set to "Free" but they expire after a year. I did not have any configured so I set up manual payments. I tried again but it did not work. I was able to add a new different membership when logged in as that user. I have the following addons activated: Trial Period, Redirect Control, Protect Special Pages, Multiple Memberships, Member Capabilities, Individual Posts, Individual Custom Posts, Category Protection, Advanced Menu Protection, Admin Side Protection. When I deleted the membership membership I just added and went back, the expired membership shows as renewed. I just set-up" One Day Pass" to try to duplicate the issue.

  • Patrick

    Hi again I CAN Apply

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    If your memberships are not paid, you really don't need the Trial Memberships addon activated, as that only applies to paid memberships.

    The only other addon you have enabled that could possibly affect registration is Multiple Memberships.

    I have set up a one-day membership on my sandbox so I can test a similar setup as yours. When that membership expires for a test user tomorrow, I'll verify if there are any renewal issues on my end. If there are, then we may have a bug on our hands. If not, we'll need to dig deeper into your configuration.

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