membership basics

Hi there,

I’m really sorry – I’m just not getting it. So I hope you can help.

I have installed the membership plugin, and I have a VERY simple concept of what I want to do.

I want site visitors to see everything except 2 categories of posts.

Then I want to have an extended access area (people need to register for no cost) to be able to see whats in those 2 category areas.

I’ve followed the instructions – created my 2 new categories which I want to be hidden.

Then created my user levels ‘Site Visitor’ which is tagged as visitor in the options, and ‘Extended Access’.

What I don’t get is the Positive and negative rules.

For ‘Site Visitor’ I’ve just set-up a negative rule for the 2 categories that I want to be hidden.

Am I right in assuming that the membership will then assume that everything else (all the other pages etc) will be available to those people?

For the ‘Extended Access’ people – I’ve then not put anything in the rules, as again there are no negative rules as they can see everything – so does it assume that?

I’ve tested this out – and the category link (if I put it in the menu to test it) does redirect people to my register page – but if I put a link directly to a post within that category it will let me see it.

So I’m really confused.

Please can you help? my head really hurts!

Thanks in advance.