Membership & BP Groups restriction

how can I restrict a user with membership plugin so they can not join any BP group except their own?

  • Kimberly


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    If you would like to restrict a member classification from joining any groups you can use the Buddypress Group Restriction under the Negative Rules. (see Pic) I don't have it pictured, but you can also restrict the creation of groups. That way you can allow members to only join existing groups, it's as simple as dragging the "Group Creation" box to your negative rules, just as I have the Groups in the pic provided.

    Also, don't forget you can restrict groups within Buddypress as well by classifying a group as Public, Hidden or Private. This gives you a bit of control on who can actually see and join which group as well, so don't neglect his menu when you are considering your membership setup.

    they can not join any BP group except their own?

    If this is what you are looking for then there isn't much use for you to allow groups anyway, this would mean that only the member can create and join a their group, leaving them alone and sad, and groups are much better when you can share it with friends! :slight_smile:

    Please let me know if you need anything further or if I have simply missed the boat here!



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