membership breaks genesis widgets?

I’m trying to get Membership configured on a new blog that is using the Genesis Framework and a StudioPress Child Theme. I’m using a couple of Genesis Widgets and they don’t work correctly with Membership enabled.

The first one I noticed not working correctly is Genesis Featured Post widget. The other is a similar widget, its the Genesis Featured Post Grid widget.

Both are configured to limit the display of posts according to post Category. I have 3 posts in Cat A and 2 posts in Cat B. But the Grid widget shows only 2 of the 3 Cat A posts and the other widget shows posts from Cat A, B and C.

If I disable Membership, the Genesis widgets work correctly.

Any ideas or suggestions?

  • brianmyrick
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    I’ve learned that it also breaks other widgets that do a similar thing – limiting display to a specific category. BNS Featured Category suffers the same fate.

    I have two levels: Guests and Basic Members.

    For Guests, I have a Positive Rule for Categories that checks CatA and CatB.

    For Basic Members, I have a Positive Rule for Categories that checks CatA, CatB and CatC.

    Strangers is assigned to Guests. I’m not using any short codes.

  • Mason
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    Hiya Brian,

    Just updating here to let ya know we’re doing a major overhaul of the memberhsip configuration options that should make things easier to configure and provide more flexibility overall. This is being done based on feedback from folks like yourself. Thanks!

  • laney_galligan
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    I’ve just tried installing Membership on a Genesis Framework too and seem to be having the same problem. The Genesis Featured Post widget works fine for Visitors, but if you are logged in as Member or Course Participant levels then the widgets break and show all posts from all, regardless of the Category I’ve set the Featured Post widget to. The Access Levels are using the positive rule to assign specific categories to them.




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