Membership & BuddyPress: Allowing BuddyPress members to delete their own accounts


I'm using Membership and will have only paid memberships. Visitors have very limited access to the site.

Paying members will be able to choose a monthly payment plan or an annual payment plan. Membership subscriptions should automatically renew (either monthly or annually depending on the selected subscription).

1. I don't grasp how to choose which PayPal gateway I want to use. Standard or Single Payment? How do I make this determination? And does this effect our desired functionality of subscriptions renewing automatically?

2. If we "Allow registered members to delete their own accounts" in the BuddyPress settings, if a member does delete their own account, will that somehow trigger a cancellation of their subscription through Paypal?

3. What is the ideal way to accommodate a member deleting or cancelling their account? Is there a way to make this seamless and automatic, or if a member cancels their membership (or fails to renew) will this require some sort of action by our site admins?

Thank you so much!