Membership + Buddypress don't play nice when Default Buddypress Rule Add-on is enabled

I am having the same issue on my new website:
Wordpress 3.3
Buddypress 1.5.2
Membership Premium 2.1.4
Pagelines Framework 2.0 theme

I cannot access any of the main Buddypress page when I log in as a member.
I can access my main Buddypress pages when I am an admin, but not as a member. I can still access all of the Buddypress account pages and settings, but not the main pages (forums, groups, members, etc). I made sure that the Buddypress pages were activated in the access level, but any time I tried to access the Buddypress main pages I am redirected to the No Access page. It was as if I set the Buddypress pages to the negative rules even though they were assigned to the positive rules in the Access Levels.

After the regular troubleshooting steps I usually go through (deactivating plugins, trying different themes, etc) I notice that I only have this issue when I have the Default Buddypress Rules Add-on activated. If I deactivate it, I can access the buddypress pages. So for now, I deactivated the Default Buddypress Rules Add-on so my site will work properly.

I guess my question is, what does the Default Buddypress Rules Add-on do?
I had hoped by activating the Default Buddypress Rule Add-on that it would have consolidated the buddypress and membership registration process. Am I missing something?

  • davemoppert

    I currently have the Default Buddypress Rules Add-on deactivated. I only want members to have access to the Buddypress pages so I set the buddypress pages to be available for members only in the access levels.

    Before, when I had the Default Buddypress Rule Add-on activated, it would remove the buddypress pages from the list of pages in the member access level and create a whole Buddypress menu with extra options buddypress options (like groups, messaging, etc). I liked that quite a bit, except that it didn't work. :slight_smile:

    No matter how I set the Buddypress pages up in the member access level, the Buddypress main pages (forums, groups, members, etc) would redirect to the no access page.

  • davemoppert

    Hm... So it really doesn't do anything different than what the plugin natively does? That only begs the question: why was it created? And it still doesn't clear up why it wasn't working when I had it activated?

    I got pretty frustrated with how overwhelming the Membership plugin is, and am currently looking at other solutions for a membership plugin.

    I am trying out Cart66. It's more specifically a shopping cart, but has membership functionality as well. My only issue with Cart66 is that you can't sync the subscription member levels with wordpress user levels, which was nice about the Membership plugin. BUT one thing Cart66 has that really perked my interest is the ability to set discount prices on products for subscribers/membership levels. That is a big plus for me.

    I saw that you offer another plugin called Marketpress... does it have a way to add discounts for different subscriber/membership levels? It's really important for me to have one login per/user rather than a login for my buddypress/wordpress community and a separate login for the individuals who purchase the premium membership.

  • davemoppert

    Got it... what I am saying is there is a bug with the Add-on cause it doesn't work. The Buddypress pages redirect to the no access page when the add-on is activated.

    That's a bummer about MarketPress. Coupons aren't gonna cut it. What I wish it could do is allow me to create [show_to user="user level"] and [hide_from user="user level"] shortcodes so I can create the shopping cart pages and only the content between the shortcode is visible depending on user level. So basically, I would create two products (the same product but different price points), one for non-users and one for subscribers (with a discounted price point).

    Anyway, I'm bummed about Membership and pulling my hair out trying to find a solution that seamlessly integrates buddypress, membership and a great shopping cart. If you think of anything that may be useful, please let me know!

  • Mason

    Hiya Sharon,

    One of our support reps, Tim, mentioned this one to me along with your other one. I'm still thinking the issue may actually be that you're either using an older version of membership or using information on the older version (such as this thread).

    Add-ons are a thing of the past. We used to have an add-ons screen within membership that required you to manually activate things when needed. The newer version automatically detects the presence of plugins (like BuddyPress) and automatically provides the appropriate rule selection abilities in the Levels screen.

    As I mentioned in the other thread though, as far as we know, there are no out-standing issues with Membership access rules and BuddyPress. If you're having a different experience though, kindly open a new thread and we'll see about getting you sorted straight away.


  • sharonmiranda

    I had found several instances of this topic, perhaps they were old, however, I have the newest versions of WP, BP and Membership. And I do have an addons folder, did find the buddypress rules addon, did delete it, and now the issue is resolved.

    However, after that another issue showed up in the subscription process and I am about to put that addon back to see if that caused the next issue: the final step of subscribing states
    "Please check the details of your subscription below and click on the relevant button to complete the subscription." but there is no longer any button to click. Yes, this is a separate issue, but happened shortly after the addon step.

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