Membership + Buddypress + Registration NOT WORKING TOGETHER

Hello all, here is the issues I am running into.

We have a buddypress site version 1.5.5 running WP 3.3.1 with the 3.0 version of Membership plugin.

What we are trying to do is have buddypress members and Membership plugin members be one and the same and work together. We have a stranger level, free membership level and a paid premium level membership.

In buddypress we have the register page assigned to /register/ in Membership plugin if we assign that membership page to /register/ Buddypress takes over and does not display membership level signups.

If we do NOT assign a register page to Buddypress /register/ will display the Membership plugin registration form. I go and signup as a FREE member and that works, however I NEVER get a registration/new user email with an activation code so the member is never activated. So that is issue #1

Issue #2 is if I manually go in and update the user to active and they go to their subscriptions page, they are shown information on how to upgrade their membership but there is NO button to pay to upgrade.

I have just went through my entire setup again on a blank default install of WP + BP + Membership and these same issues arise.

Is there something that I am doing incorrectly? Any help would be amazing.