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Hi ! So I have the membership plugin and buddypress. When you go to register on our site it prompts you to select the membership type you want, Great. Now it takes you to the registration page (buddypress is installed). On this page you see the standard wordpress fields AND the buddypress Profile Detail fields. HOWEVER the Profile Detail fields are not expanded it just shows a + sign. However the left half of the screen show the account details expanded. many of our visitors do not know that they have to click the + to show the remaining registration required fields to continue. Can you help me? I need this to default (the profile fields) to an expanded mode also and display everything upon registration.

Please reference the website and select a college coach and/or junior golfer to get the the next page with the registration fields.


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @G Lewis,

    You might be able to do this by adding a little bit of javascript to your theme footer.php

    Add the following to your footer.php after the call for get_footer() or wp_footer();

    <script type="text/javascript">
    jQuery(function( $ ) {
      $('#profile-details-section > h4').trigger('click');

    Hope this helps

  • G Lewis
    • Flash Drive

    i could not get this script to work above HOWEVER I did get the code to expand and then had to remove the + signs as the profile details was expanded. here is the code I used

    /* expand and display the registration form fields ref: buddypress profile details fields */
    .register-section + .register-section .editfield { display: block !important; }
    /* remove the + sign next to the profile details when expanded */
    .register-section + .register-section h4:after { content: none; }
    /* remove the - sign next to the account details */
    .register-section h4:after { content: none; }

    for some reason it would not work in style.css but it worked great when it was added to custom css

    thanks !

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