Membership, Buddypress, searchable profiles

I have a few goals:
I need protected content
3 membership levels: free; monthly; annual
I have this much accomplished. Here's the challenge. Without the membership plugin I was using BP extended profile fields and BP search so that:
New members can complete extended profiles and;
Other members can search those profiles using an extended field I've created.
The problem I'm having is "marrying" the Buddypress/membership registration process with the completion of the eextended profiles. Could you please give insight on how this may be accomplished or if it is even possible? Thank you.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Ya, just don't define it from the BuddyPress admin area.

    Could you elaborate a little more on how to integrate the BP profile fields with the membership registration? I'm assuming that a member would click on signup and be taken to Paypal first - or do the complete the registration form first?

    You create the field, it appears on the form.

    Then whilst signing up and purchasing a membership they will fill out the form (when set to use the original registration form). When they edit their account in Membership they will also have their fields.

    So they choose the level, register and pay. Or skip the register if logged in with an account.

    Take care.

  • trishgrigg

    Okay so now I have the registration forms set up (thank you!) and now I need to do the Paypal integration. Can I use a Paypal "standard" business account? That was unclear to me in the Gateway area as I'm unclear on how they are identified. The choices are Paypal Express and Paypal single payment and I'm not sure of the difference. I do need to have reocurring payments and to have notice go out to the person when the payment is due.

  • trishgrigg

    I'm up to speed now except the fact that I need separate profile groups for the two memberships. For example the free membership will not have extended profiles to complete - but the paid membership will. And the free membership will use the BP profile search to search through those paid membership fields. So when a free membership joins a group and has a profile - they shouldn't have all of the profile fields, but when the paid member joins the same group and goes to their profile - they should have the extended fields in their profile to complete. What seems to happen is there are 2 tabs in the group profile area - one is the default or "primary" group and the other tab is the paid membership group with the extended fields. I don't want both to show up when a free member logs in - and same for the paid member. I want to assign the profile group based on subscription and have that be the only profile tab showing. It doesn't appear there is any way to assign the profile group to the subscription level. Thanks for any help you can return.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey again.

    The choices are Paypal Express and Paypal single payment and I'm not sure of the difference. I do need to have reocurring payments and to have notice go out to the person when the payment is due.

    Paypal Single - This is for single one off memberships, so they won't auto renew.

    Paypal Express - This allows for recurring subscriptions.

    Paypal Express will handle the renewing for you, you can use the messages feature in Membership to send emails X days after signup and X days before renewal.

    Admin --> Membership --> Communications

    I do have another question - what is the difference in a subscription level and a membership level? Thank you!

    A Level is for controlling to the access to areas of your site.

    A subscription is for setting the fee, the description and you choose which level a user on that subscription has access to.

    Your last post isn't possible, this really is custom and something you would need to hire a developer for. You can of course use URL groups to restrict access to certain groups, but that won't help for profile fields, sorry.

    Take care.

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