Membership Bug

Hello, I'm having a serious problem. I'm a graphic designer and I was just brought onto the team at work. Before me, we had a developer managing the site for us, but since then, the sit has been thrown my way.

While I am logged in as a membership admin, I can
view the site just fine, and everything looks great. When I switch to
view at Level 1, the page still looks good, untill I reach the bottom
of the page.

I have my teaser posts I have on the bottom and is labeled "new
people" and is supposed to show new employees of our company. While it
looks good on admin, at level 1, it is still labeled the same, but it
is showing me posts of our "events" category, not "new people"

At first, I thought I was having this problem because the version installed was 3.2, Now that I purchased the latest update, It's still giving me the same error.