Membership: Can I charge someone ONCE and at the same time assign him a custom role?

Is it possible

a) To set up a subscription that is a “once off payment” as in non recurring? I have MarketPress installed and was going to use Mpress to sell a “premium membership” which is a once off purchase…

b) the problem is i want that premium member to have “special access rights” and this is where i set up a “premium member” ACL in membership premium. In my case i want ONLY these premium members to be able to set up a blog on the site, and ONLY they can invite people to THEIR blog (using Secure Invite)

I also have Pro Sites installed, trying to see how to do this best.

Apart from this these premium members can still upgrade to other sub packages e.g. Bronze Silver etc which is a monthly sub controlling content level access

In a nutshell the Premium member is a special role guy, who can set up own blog and groups, and invite people to his blog, thats really all

  • greg_mcewan_marriott
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    I guess what would work is to have something in MarketPress saying in effect

    if user bought package X

    set user access role to Premium Founder member

    or assign user to group Premium member

    if not

    assign user to default role set in BuddyPress


    in any plugin you have that may require special access roles apart from the normal Admin, Subscriber etc,

    you just

    get user ROLE

    if role = X

    then allow user to buy 10 bananas and a cup of coffee

    if not then

    echo to user “missing that cup’a joe? Go get some at this address”

  • aecnu
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    Greetings greg_mcewan_marriott,

    Thank you for this great question and a significant item to bring up.

    Apart from this these premium members can still upgrade to other sub packages e.g. Bronze Silver etc which is a monthly sub controlling content level access

    Members cannot hold more then 1 subscription level at a time to the best of my knowledge. i.e. They are either Bronze or Silver but not both bronze and silver. Therefore not Premium one off and bronze etc.

    In regards to your last two posts, this is clearly in the realm of custom coding which is beyond the scope of the support we provide here.

    But what is going on with the custom coding snippets in the last post?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • greg_mcewan_marriott
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    @aecnu thanks for clearing that up…. I have read the manual and I recall that you cannot hold more than one subscription…. Look what I have done is set an ACL called say Premium Member, but how do I charge for it?, if the user is say already a Silver or Bronze member? Thing is, the client does not want to charge monthly for this, it is suppose to be a once off “admin/set up fee” that allows the user to start his own blog in a MU environment.

    SO the code above… not mine, but I was thinking of using something similiar to code into marketpress, that on buying a specific product, e.g this Premium Member “product”, I would have to get marketpress to write this to set his “role”, which will give him the right to set up a blog.

    Think about it… it is not an unreasonable request. Using Membership to control access to content, using a monthly sub, but what about when you want a user to buy a once off “role” as in my case a Site Administrator, where he gets his own blog.

    Now I installed Pro Sites, hoping that that would do the trick, maybe it can, can someone please shed some insight onto this?

    All i want to do, is have a Premium member, who gets his own blog, pays a once off reg fee, then can choose the “level of content” he wants access to from our netowrk sites with membership subs….

    The idea is that these premium guys then are given the right with Secure Invite plugin to invite people to a his “closed private” blog… by invite only, So all i do is in the code of Secure invite, check if he has purchased premium Member, or his role is set as premium member automatically, and that “enables” him to access the Secure Invite function.

  • PC
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    Greetings of the day.

    I was doing a regular followup today and found that we missed your last post on this one.

    Are you still seeking support on this one ? Please let us know so that we can take it further and assist you on the same :slight_smile:

    Thanks for being a great community member !



  • greg_mcewan_marriott
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    @pc thanks for replying… am still working on a solution to this, am now trying to use a product sale via WooCommerce or MarketPress to achieve this “once off sale”, as i posted in my thread pertaining to my Membership wishlist, it would be an incredible handy feature to have to charge a once off registration fee in membership, followed optionally with a recurring monthly payment sub

  • greg_mcewan_marriott
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hey Joe – greetings mate, things are going all right… a couple of hiccups and some serious last minute through the night (s) coding….

    At the end …

    > dropped the affilate system for now and coded in hook ins from secure invite plugin to calculate commission into membership system and also woocommerce

    > did hook ins to woocmmerce account funds plugin and product support plugins to calculate commissions and set user roles.

    Basically these one off “registration fee” “memberships” are now products that you buy via woocommerce, when you do it automatically adds the user to the Smeak Free membership role in membership plugin, adds him to a BP forum group and calculates the commissions for the person who invited him.

    We then coded extra pages in BP to allow the user to see his downtree with a java enabled script so he can expand the tree below him of users signed up through him.

    He can see his commissions earned… this credit reward amount he can then offset against other product purchases across the site.

    We hooked into the membership plugin using the paypal gateway script, so on a successful purchase, comms are calculated and posted to the members accounts.

    Will do some documentation once things settle a bit and share it with all

    Regards – ‘Mad Dog’ McEwan

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