Membership cancellation feedback

When a user cancels a subscription, would like to have a way to collect feedback as to why they’re canceling the membership. Via a form for example, to get some insight regarding the reason for cancellation.

Having such feature in MarketPress and Pro Sites would be useful as well.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Greg

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for this suggestion!

    I think such sort of form is quite commonly used to gather feedback so it would indeed be a great tool. I’m just wondering whether it should be integrated or maybe some sort of “hook” or just option to add an external form?

    What I mean is: technically speaking, it’s possible to add some sort of form to Membership 2 Pro or Pro Sites and so on. However, it could also be possible to e.g. create an integration with our Forminator so a selected Forminator form would be displayed. Or, alternatively, it could just be a field in plugin options to put a shortcode of any other form that would be displayed along with cancellation message.

    What do you think about that?

    Best regards,


    • Stephanie
      • Employed By Life Online

      I am completely on board with this idea. Or just give us a “cancellation page” setting like how we can select other pages in the back end.

      Or is there something like this and I’m just missing it? I feel the cancellation is a very important aspect. If someone cancels, they should know they still have access until the membership expires (for monthly/annual, as an example), and be able to customize the page to allow them to give feedback based on their experience. (because hey, maybe they just no longer need the membership and that’s ok!)

      • Adam Czajczyk
        • Support Gorilla

        Hi Stephanie

        No, I’m afraid there’s no “cancellation page” yet :slight_smile: But the idea of a cancellation feedback itself is great so that’s why we’re discussing it here :slight_smile:

        I was thinking of some sort of integration as this would probably be easier in terms of a code on Membership 2 Pro side and more “universal” (as you could actually build a complex questionnaire form if needed) but maybe a simple “cancellation page” could be better indeed :slight_smile: I’m not actually sure as I’m not (and never did) run any “subscription based” sites so personally, I just don’t know what would be better in terms of marketing/usefulness :slight_smile:

        Let’s also see what other Members will say and I’ll then bring it to our developers for further consideration.

        Best regards,


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