Membership changes the role of the user upon 'dropping' a membership level


On the site I am developing I have customised the 'Author' role to give my client exactly the right capabilities they need to administer their content without breaking the site.

I have now given them access to Membership Permissions: dashboard, members, levels, subscriptions and purchases.

In order for my client to preview content and test he has set new levels up correctly I have told him that after creating a new level/sub he should go to 'All members' and manually add the Membership level to see the content.

This all works fine BUT then when goes and clicks 'Drop', the Membership plugin changes his role to 'Subscriber' and breaks the website. He then has to call me to manually reset him to 'Author' so he can edit his content.

I consider this to be a bug, the question is if there is a quick fix?