Membership Communications Not Sending Email

I am using Membership (multisite on and the Communications function will send me Send To Me emails but no messages are being sent out to members. I have turned off all other plug-ins and changed to the default theme and still no dice. I have set up SMTP and that was the only way I received Send To Me emails (previously even those did not send) but still no outgoing emails. I set up several fake accounts and waited to see if the emails would send out but they did not. I do not have a spam folder so that is not the problem. I have set up the firing of wp-cron and there is nothing happening. I have other plug-ins such as Mailpoet sending out phpmail without a problem. I have the latest Wordpress and the latest Membership update. I have confirmed the database tables and manually ran communications. I have gone through all posts to your support online and none have nailed it. So, what should I consider next? Thank you!

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi Ethan!

    First off, you get a gold star for doing all this research before you asked a question. :slight_smile: I know that can be tedious, thanks for taking the time.

    Second - let's check one more obvious thing. Is there any chance the Membership emails are being sent to spam?

    Next, I think the issues you've had over time are indicative of an issue with your mailing system. Offloading to SMTP was a good move, but it looks like it's not taking you all the way there. In these cases, we usually recommend that users try using Mandrill as their SMTP mail service (You can send I think 12k emails per month for free.) I know several users, and a couple of staff people, who've pulled their hair out over WP email issues until switching. We're not affiliated with them, but I know the team is a big fan.

    Let us know if this helps, Ethan!

  • Ethan

    I have installed the Mandrill app and signed up with them. I successfully sent a test email through their app. I used Run Communications and Mandrill's dashboard shows only 1 email, my test email to myself, went through. Which means Run Communications did not send out any emails through Mandrill that may have been queued for delivery. Next, I used the Send Me option and received that email. This also was sent through Mandrill successfully. So, this suggests that nothing was in the queue when I used the Run Communications or that Run Communications failed even though I was given the message that it worked fine.

    Is there a database entry where I might look for emails in queue to see if they are being queued correctly?

    Thank you,

  • Ethan

    So, strange affairs here. I ran Mandrill and it showed all outgoing emails from my site but not a single Communications email. I gave it several days and no go. Contacted several new registrants and they received no Communications email. But we had that weird moment where I did receive Communications to my own account that one time. I am wondering what ideas you can offer me next to pursue. Again, there is no spam folder with my accounts and none of the people I contacted are receiving the emails either. I turned off Mandrill and went back to WP-SMTP for several days and nothing is being sent out with this one eye (contacted more registrants and still no sign of these emails). I have one going out immediately upon signup (set up the days to 0), one going out in 1 day and one in 1 week. The website is indicating that the setup is correct with its messages (ie. "Signup message", and "1 Day(s) after a subscription is paid/activated." in the PERIOD tab).

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