Membership configuration questions

Hi there

I have been configuring the membership plugin for (let me know if you need the login details). I have a few questions regarding the configuration:

1. I have set up a welcome email using the "Communications" settings, which works well. However, the customer still receives the standard Wordpress New User email. Is there a way to prevent them receiving this standard WP email?

2. I have set the subscription as a finite subscription lasting 1 year (using the paypal single payments gateway). I am trying to work out how the user can renew their subscription. I've tried going to "Configuration" and setting "Renewal period limit" to 365 and then logging in to the customer's account, but I can see a renew button anywhere (I've tried the "My Account" page and the "My Subscription" page). Can you shed some light on how the customer can renew their subscription?

3. We have our own login box setup at the top right of the screen for customers to login (see top right of screen at ), however if a user forgets their password and goes through the password retrieval process the user gets taken to the standard WordPress admin dashboard. We don't really want users going the WordPress admin dashboard. They should always be going to their Members Area on the front end of the site rather than the WP admin panel. Is there any way to modify the forgot password process so the user doesn't ever get taken to the WP admin panel?


Scott Maynard