Membership - configuring level with both positive and negative shortcodes

I'm working through my first setup - added a new level, dragged shortcodes from the sidebar into Negative rules, checked the two shortcuts.

But how do I drag Shortcuts to Positive rules so I can set the one shortcode I want as a positive rule?

Once I drag Shortcodes to either neg or pos rule, that's it, it's not available.

Here's a screencast:

(Mac, Chrome browser, fluency admin, current release (not beta) of Membership.)

  • Barry
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Anything not checked in negative is positive and vice versa.

    So with three shortcodes [one], [two] and [three] - dragging the shortcode rule to negative and checking [three] means a person on that level can't see [three] but can see [one] and [two].

  • BobWalsh
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    What about all of the standard WP shortcodes:

    In this Economy Membership Level, anyone should the economy, and the rest of the WP shortcodes.


    Since this is a positive rule, doesn't that mean they will be able to see economy that is checked, but if I every use anything else like [polldaddy] they won't be able to see that?

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