Membership conflict with theme


I have been working for weeks on a client’s site for a healthy eating course. I have the site set up so that all the content is grouped under categories so I can call the categories on different pages and assign those categories to different membership levels. I have everything set up and ready to go and turned on membership and have discovered that it seems to be breaking the shortcodes of the theme that I have used to create the site.

The site is called and the front page below the video where it says More Information and Delicious Healthy Recipes, should show visitors a list of course information and some thumbnails of recipes (as specified in the shortcodes), instead it just shows all the categories that are assigned to the Visitor level in membership ignoring the category specified. Also, when you click on the thumbnails (to the FAQ page for example) it takes you to the Private page even though the FAQ page is definitely assigned to the Visitor level.

I have tried adding the shortcodes to the Visitor level but beyond this I’m stumped. As soon as I turn membership off the category shortcodes work so I know that they are not the problem, there must be some conflict.

Please help!