Membership Coupon Codes not working, redirecting to initial signup page

Since I have updated to the latest RC version of the Membership plugin and updated WordPress to the latest version, now when a visitor goes to our registration page (with the subscriptionform shortcode) and they choose a subscription and get redirected to the BuddyPress register page so that they can enter in their profile details (note that we have BuddyPress activated) and then they enter in a coupon code and click the button to use the coupon…upon clicking that button it redirects them back to the start of the registration process with all their previously entered details cleared.

By logging in as an admin I found out that in the WordPress admin the system is creating their account but it is not assinging them to any levels/subscriptions or using the coupon they entered.

I saw that someone had a similar issue which didn’t get resolved here 7 months ago