Membership coupon not working

Membership coupon is not working, it will show the discount has been applied but when it takes you to PayPal the discount is not shown.

  • Paul Kevin

    Hello Rob Riggs ,

    Hope you are well today. I have tried to replicate the issue with PayPal single and PayPal standard and I got the discount applied as the final price on PayPal when proceeding to pay. The discount amount will not be shown, but it will be automatically be deducted before it is sent to PayPal. Kindly confirm if there are any other special settings you had in place.

    Warm Regards
    Paul Kevin

  • Rob Riggs

    Hello Paul,

    After looking into this further it seems that the issue is only with the PayPal single gateway. The standard gateway will show the reduced price when directed to paypal. The single gateway however does not show the reduced price when directed to paypal, rather the full amount is displayed on the paypal page. The membership i am testing/applying coupon code toward setup to be "standard membership" with only PayPal Single Gateway and PayPal Standard Gateway as payment options. The membership payment options require "recurring payments" (i have also tried finite access with same results) time frame set for 1 year. The paypal standard and single gateways are the only gateways enabled within the plugin. Im not seeing any setting that would inhibit only the single gateway. but the non discounted price still shows when using the coupon with the single gateway.

    If you can point me in a direction i can check settings and report back. any help is greatly appreciated.


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