Membership Coupons for multi-level plans

If we create a coupon for a plan that has 4 levels (each level is identical, it is just a way to break the payments up into 4 equal payments) - will that coupon be applied as they reach each subsequent level, or will it just apply to the first payment? Client would really like to be able to create a coupon that would just apply to the final level (so she can offer the last month free to some people) but barring that, I just need to know how coupons work for multiple level plans.

  • Patrick

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    A coupon can be set to apply to a specific access level mode:
    or Indefinite

    So if all your access levels are set to Finite, and you set the coupon to apply to Finite levels, it will apply to all levels in the subscription plan.

    The only way to currently get a coupon to apply only to that last level is to change the level mode.

    So, as it is the last level in the plan, you could set that to Serial or Indefinite and apply the coupon to that mode only.

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