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Hello wise folks at WPMU,

I am building a site for a client that has some specific requirements. They need a membership plugin + a robust CRM that integrates with Wordpress and Mailchimp. They want to be able to have a user signup with the membership plugin, then the CRM grabs the new user and places them in the appropriate Mailchimp list according to membership status. Then as the users membership status changes it also updates the CRM and Mailchimp. It also needs to have the ability to send out emails to specific user lists easily. So, I am trying to find the best set of plugins that can pull this off. They can be premium (not free) plugins, the client just wants to find the best out there to make this work. I have been researching, but would love to hear your professional opinion.

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  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Chris,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    Membership 2 does have a mailchimp integration; however, you likely noticed that it's 1 set of options for all memberships.

    We actually did put some work into customizing the add-on to allow for per membership lists as you can see here:

    @Jude, one of our second level support staff added in that customization; however, since Protected Content has been upgraded to Membership 2 it doesn't look like that custom add-on works anymore, I just tested it. I'll see if we can work on getting that feature integrated into the plugin officially.

    It sounds like you would want the option of selected a "deactivated member" list per membership level too? That would be more complex. As in Jude's current version, all members would get put on the same "deactivated members" list.

    Anyways, until that happens I think a solution you're wanting here would require a little bit of custom development. As I'm not aware of a CRM that integrates with M2 to support that Mailchimp functionality.

    What sort of CRM features is your client needing? Or maybe you already have one in mind? My thought was that if Membership can handle the Membership and Mailchimp side of things then you just need a CRM system that will pull from the normal WP users list and perhaps a bit of custom development in getting it to pull the Mailchimp list status too if you want that displayed in your CRM.

    Look forward to hearing back!


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