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Hello, I wish to make my register page like the current signup page; but I have been thinking of a possible way to link the signup process together with Membership plugin and haven't come up with a solution yet. I want the user to be able to select their subscription options, enter their registration information at the next page and finally choose their at the other page. All I can see now when using the Membership plugin is only registration page; there isn't a registration in the process. Is there a plugin that connect the Pro Sites with Membership packages together that affect the signup process?

Haha, I just hope my question is not too difficult to understand.


Bro. Louis.

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hi there Brother Louis!

    Membership and ProSites to not currently integrate.

    You won't find any domain registration options within the membership registration form.

    One workaround may be to allow the Membership signup then use the Successful Registration Landing Page option in Membership to start the site registration in prosites.

    Your thoughts?



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