Membership - custom offline payment method

Hello, I would like to know if Membership Plugin offers an offline payment method to the users of my site.

It's a closed community and I know for sure that many of them doesn't have PayPal or any other online payment service (we're in Italy).
The ideal service would be:
1. the user choose the offline payment method.
2. the system notify the admin about the offline payment and put the user in stand-by.
3. as soon as the payment is done (check to be done outside of our system) the admin will approve the membership request.

Thank you in advance.

  • wokka

    I want my membership customers to pay by direct debit - directly from their bank accounts.

    There is a really cheap method of taking payments in the UK called gocardless (Only 1% transaction fee).

    What Andrea has suggested would work perfectly for me. Once the membership is approved manually by me, it just keeps on running.

    Then if/when Gocardless notify me that a direct debit payment has been cancelled/stopped/unpaid then I can go in and suspend the member.

    This would help a lot of people who can't use stripe, paypal or one of the mainstream payment processors.

    Hopefully this has been implemented within the plugin now?

    Look forward to an update.

    Cheers, John

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Andrea and John,

    I hope you're both doing well today!

    Currently, our Membership plugin supports the following payment gateways out-of-the-box:

    - PayPal Payments Standard
    - PayPal Payments Single
    - 2Checkout

    There's also another way: you may want to migrate to our Protected Content plugin which does basically the same but uses a different user interface and is actually easier to maintain. It can import membership data from Membership plugin's database and features a "Manual payment" gateway which could be a solution (at least temporary) to your needs.

    Please take a look here:

    I hope that helps!


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