Membership - Custom PHP Pages, API

Just wondering if anyone knows if the plugin "Membership" currently has some kind of an API or PHP codes which can be used on separate PHP pages that might not be part of the system.

Or with BuddyPress. Lets say for example we wanted to use BuddyPress as a networking site whereby free members would see the users name and profile photo but to use messaging, comment on their wall/activity stream or view all their profile they would need an active membership.

I suppose I'm looking for something similar to what the directory plugin in does whereby you create a custom taxonomy (membership level in this case), it gives you some php to include in your templates. Something similar could be done so with Membership so it can be used in BP code or something stand-alone? (I've not tested the Membership plugin properly yet)

I know I'm being lazy when I could look myself but thought I would ask this time. I'm currently testing Dolphin on the request of a third party, not my preferred choice though.