Membership customization -- I want to hire someone!


I'm looking for someone that has experience with Membership Plugin to hire to customize the settings to my liking! [no need to code, I don't think!]

Unfortunately, I have no time to learn all the ins and outs of this wonderful plugin and I'm sure if an experienced user would take a crack at what I'm trying to do, he'll finish in an hour... I've spend 3 hours and nothing!

What I'm looking for is:

- membership is by using invitation code (the registration page does not show up until invitation code is verified -- if this takes too long, than using the invitation code on the form is fine)
- user can register either using FB Connect or the form attached (I'm using WP-FB-AutoConnect). Currently I click: FB Connect and it creates a new user, but no subscription is attached to that user. Would like for the user to have to select a subscription before unlocking anything else.
- after user registers, he/she selects subscription type

Subscription types:
- Applicant for Member (Free)
- Member (Free - hidden)
- VIP Member (Free - hidden)
- Diamond Member ($150/year)

I want my site to be a two step process: You need to apply for membership, this will give you access to all the Buddypress pages but the event registration form on some pages must be locked down until the user is approved (moved to the Member level)

That's it for now...

Anyone out there willing to help? Please send me an email to, the price, and when you can finish it by. I will pay 25% in advance, 25% after first round of modifications based on my feedback and the rest when finished.

Thank you in advance!