Membership dashboard navigation disappeared

I am trying to set up a site using the Membership plugin (plus a plethora of other plugins as well).

After doing a great deal not involving Membership, I saw that I needed to make a few changes in Membership, and went to my Dashboard to make these edits. Problem? There is no longer a link to Membership. While the plug-in is quite clearly working, I have no way to edit the settings.

I turned off all of my plug-ins, and the link didn't come back. Suggestions?

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @camparoo,

    The first clue is this rather cryptic statement...

    After doing a great deal not involving Membership...

    Did that great deal involve anything at all to do with adjusting member roles and/or capabilities? Any customizations to the dashboard perhaps?

    I turned off all of my plug-ins, and the link didn't come back. Suggestions?

    Yup, 2 suggestions:

    After deactivating all plugins, did you logout, delete your browser cache, then log back in? If that doesn't work, try the following...

    To completely disable all plugins and their settings temporarily, log into your site via FTP, and rename the plugins folder to DISABLED. Then refresh the plugins page in your wp-admin.

    You should see zero plugins and perhaps a nice error message at the top of the screen. Back in FTP, rename the plugins folder to plugins and refresh the wp-admin plugins page again.

    You should see all your plugins are back, but all deactivated. now re-activate only the Membership plugin. Do you see the menu item?

    Please let us know of any developments.

  • camparoo
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I disabled the plugins folder, cleared my cache, reloaded my dashboard, and - as expected, no Plugins. I then created a test folder in the plugins folder. I put ALL of my plugins in this secondary folder except for Membership. I then reloaded my dashboard. Only one plugin listed - and it is, of course, Membership. The plugin said that there was an update available, so I updated it. After update, I activated it. STILL no dashboard link to change the settings. I then downloaded a new version of Membership from WPMU DEV. I deleted the old one and then uploaded this new one into place.

    Oh, just shoot me now! Client just told me he uploaded Membership yesterday and overwrote the version I had in place. The copy didn't have my username listed as the admin on membership-config.php. Works perfectly now. Sheesh!

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