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I am using the Membership Pro 2 on my site and one of my member’s membership has mysteriously deactivated. Is there any way I can find out how and why the membership has deactivated?

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello stripedrhino

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    Unfortunately there’s no other logs than those that you can see already in the plugin: subscription details, invoices, transactions. However, I’ve checked the site and I’m wondering about one period of the subscription.

    Currently, the member in question has no active membership. The “Weekly Online…” is displayed in “Subscription details” with the status of “deactivated. There’s a reference to 15 payments so far. If you follow the payments (transactions) then apart from earlier ones:

    – there’s a payment on Feb 15th, that should give access until Feb 21st

    – but there’s yet another payment for this same membership from that same member on Feb 19th so only 4 days later; it should in theory give access until Feb 25th

    – additionally, in subscription details you can see that this deactivated membership is stated to start on Feb 20th (day after the last payment) and end on 27th

    I think “something” happened between 15th and 19th and now that’s a consequence of this. I’m not quite sure what but if the subscription was cancelled in Stripe directly (e.g. member canceled recurring payments on their credit card or the card issuer/bank cancelled or blocked it for some reasons) then member should still have access until 21st (since it was paid) then the subscription should be automatically deactivated. Yet, member should see in the account page information in line of “your membership status is cancelled, you’ll still have access until XX day”. I could guess that this might cause member to try to cancel and re-subscribe but I’m not sure about this.

    The bottom line is: do you know or could you possibly (though I understand you might not be able to) ask member if there were any such operations – cancellation of recurring payment in bank/credit card; membership cancellation/switching/re-subscription – on your site performed by the member between 15th and 19th (so after the payment on 15th and before the payment on 19th)?

    Let me know please (I apologize upfront if that information was already given and I missed it).

    Kind regards,


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