Membership & Directory & Events+

Hi there,
We are currently using events+ plugin to display events and we want to use a the membership plugin to have members login and be able to do the following
1. Register for events discounted (this is already working)
2. Edit their profile (more on this below)
3. search registered users

My questions are
a. How do we add fields to the user profiles such as photo, social links, and any other fields we want directly in the membership plugin
b. How do we import a user list from excel?
c. How do we allow the users / members to be listed, viewed, searched, etc on the website?
d. How would users get charged when they are registering for a certain type of membership.
e. does it auto bill them to their email?

The last question is can this be done with these plugins alone or do we have to use buddy press? If buddy press is needed, please fill me in on any things I need to know to get this working if buddy press or otherwise.