Membership Directory Plugin Question

I am using a custom theme for my website and am trying to incorporate the Members Directory into that theme. I have set up taxonomies and categories, but now need to know what the shortcode or webpage where the directory is placed along with the search form.

From my home page, I have a menu item called "Recruiters Directory". When I click on that menu item, I would like to be taken to a page where the person can either

1) search for a listing
2) add a listing

Thanks for the help!

  • Philip John


    If you're fairly comfortable mucking around with WordPress themes you should take a look in the plugin files at /directory/themes/default

    In there, you'll see a full WordPress theme. You can simply strip out the relevant Directory code from there (e.g. the dp_list_categories() function) and insert them into the relevant places in your own WordPress theme.

    Specifically, take a good look at loop-functions.php and theme-functions.php in /directory/themes/default/includes/functions which will tell you just what functions you can call in your theme and what output you'll get!


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