Membership - disallow upgrade/downgrade

I want to disallow upgrades/downgrades, so that feature does not appear at all.

It currently says on the "your subscription" page "Upgrade from Member
Move to: Associate"

What can I do to remove this? (Apart from editing the plugin files)


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Shaun!

    Without editing files, no, there's no way to disable upgrades/downgrades for subscriptions.

    You can hide various pieces of the subscription page with CSS, however. Users who are savvy enough to display hidden elements on a page would still be able to find this info, so it's pretty far from bullet proof. To do this, right click the element on the Subscriptions page that shows the upgrade/downgrade option, and choose "inspect element." A dev panel will appear, and you'll see the element name listed, as well as all the CSS parameters for it. Copy the element name, and add this to a custom CSS file:

    display: none;

    To change the text in the alert box, your best option may be to use Ultimate Branding for the site/network-wide text change option. Enter the full text of the alert message, than what you want it to say instead, and that should cover that base.

    I'm happy to put in a feature request for the option to disable upgrading/downgrading subscriptions in Membership, if it's a critical issue for you, you may want to take a peek at our Jobs Board to see if an indie developer (not WPMU DEV staff) could whip up an extension for you.

    Thanks for your question!

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